Our tasks

Learning and teaching our own traditional folklore:
-Saint Anthony's Festivity, in January.
-Lordship Palace st. Holiday, in June.




• Learning and teaching folkloric dances

   from the Valencian Country.

• Dancing classes for beginners.


• History of apparel research.

• Participating in festivals and folk meetings.

• Our own performances:

     1988: “Full holiday”
     1991: “From South to North”
     1995: “Work and joy of life”
     1997: “There was up on a time ...”

• Interchanges with other folk ensembles:
     1989/1990: Fragneto, Italy
     1994/1995: St.Tropez, France
     1997/1998: Klanxbüll, Germany
     1997/1998: Fragneto, Italy
     1999/2000: Son Ferriol/Majorca, Spain
     2000/2001: Alenquer, Portugal